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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Covering Those Ugly Trestle Tables at Christmas Time

 After a six month break, or there abouts from my last post, I have closed my children's party business which I ran for nearly 5 years and have decided to go back to my roots. I believe that I am a born and bred re-cycler and junker. There is nothing more satisfying than finding a lost treasure and creating a new purpose for it. Or up-cycling an item that will become a conversational piece or a practical asset to the home. Please draw from my ideas. I hope that you find some inspiration to use yourself as you flick through the posts.
drop sheet from Bunnings
circles cut from random cardboard scraps
I have 18 people for Christmas this year and each year I like to create a new feel for the occasion. So this year the weather looks fine, actually quite hot. So I will set up outside. I have my two trestle tables and the black outdoor table. So I am joining these together and linking them with a six metre table cloth. I bought a 6.8 x 1.23 metre drop sheet from 'Bunnings Hardware' and have stencilled silver spots for a festive feel. It was $25 dollars, bargain, as it's hemmed so all I have to do is to throw it straight on.

Good Bye after 5 years to Kids in the Kitchen. xxxxxx

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