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Friday, 1 March 2013

Felt Tip Art Work

The other day I saw this art work, below, done with a felt tip pen. It was $150.00 and although really cute, I knew I could create this myself a lot cheaper. So using two black permanent markers, a reclaimed canvas, ruler and grey lead I got busy.

The first step is to paint a reclaimed canvas white.

The second step is to divide your canvas up in sections, rule up lines so that your triangles run along a straight line.

Draw your triangles onto the canvas with a grey lead.

Outline with a narrow felt tip pen.

Then start filling in your triangles with a thicker marker. Randomly leaving a small selection free from fill and lightly fill in others.

And here is the finished product. It looks very similar to the original displayed at the top of this post.

1 comment:

BakedByTheBay said...

This would look great in my hallway!