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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Recycled Pailings used for Shelving

When space is tight then you are limited in what you can do to decorate that space. Another option other than mirrors or artwork on the walls are narrow shelves. Shelving can house your art work or you can mix it up with flowers and foliage. If you look outside you will see interesting branches and seasonal flowers that will look sensational inside. And will cost you absolutely nothing. This is what I have recently done in our hallway. I collected a few discarded palings from the side of the road, grabbed simple brackets from Bunnings, $1.40 a bracket, and attached them to the walls. I used recycled jars for the foliage. I continued the shelving from the hallway down  through the kitchen, which gives it more impact and links the two rooms through the connecting doorway.

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