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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Yellow Swans - How to Change an Ornaments Appearance in Minutes

I was looking for simple shapes to place under my cake dome to add a pop of color to a kitchen shelf. I am someone who rarely pays more than a few dollars, so I found these 70's swan ornaments in a thrift store for $10.00 the pair and was happy with the price. Although I love white, their purpose was to stand out. So I also purchased a can of yellow enamel spray paint and gave them both a few coats of paint. I chose a primary yellow. This color is used as an industrial safety color so it is a good choice if you have an industrial look. You will keep your sharp edges when you use any of the primary colors. The beauty of my 'very favorite medium', which is 'paint', is that it transforms items instantly and is quick and easy to repaint when you need another change.
If you are going to search for ornaments for under your domes, then take the internal measurements beforehand. Domes can be deceiving and you might find that your new purchase doesn't quite fit. 

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