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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Adding Glamour to our Small Bedroom with Flock Wallpaper

With a $50.00 roll of flock wallpaper and in 3 hours I was able to change the appearance of our bedroom dramatically. I wanted to add more glamour to our small room and with minimal space to work with all I really had to use were the wardrobes and a cupboard. So I decided to line the recesses that were in the wardrobes and the panes in the shoe cupboard. Masters have a reasonable range of wallpapers at very reasonable prices, they also have an on line shop which is handy. Once I  measured up the recesses I was ready to insert the wallpaper strips onto our wardrobe doors as well as in the panes of the shoe cupboard. The shoe cupboard I purchased ages ago for $50.00, second hand. It was the perfect proportion for the space I had and the price was appealing to me. It needed a coat of black paint as part of its transformation. For the wardrobe I used long strips of double sided sticky tape to hold the paper in position. The reason for using tape and not glue was that the paper will peel off easily and I can remove the tape with eucalyptus oil when I eventually want to create another look. A thrifty stylist needs to think about a thrifty change about ;). So once I had cut the wallpaper to size I applied it to the recesses and I smoothed out any air bubbles with my hand. I then ran the stanley knife down the sides for a perfect finish. With the shoe cupboard I also used tape on the edges of the paper to hold it all in place..........

 Before shots of the wardrobes and the shoe cupboard..........

 You can see the strips of tape which I have run down the panels that the wallpaper will stick to.

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