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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Hire Me Hire Me

Hire me hire me or buy me buy me. I am making a few props for photo shoots and weddings now (a little side line) to "Thrifty". So if you need a vintage style prop whipped up, or hire something you see, throw me an email. thriftystyling@gmail.com
"$30.00 for a 3 night stay with the "love sign" or for $120 you can have me all to yourself!!!"
Great prop for valentines day coming up. Looks super cute hung over the bed or couch. "Swing me from a tree or sit me in the garden. I am not waterproof so I need to be kept warm and dry". Letters are made of soft board so you can pin pictures etc to them, or use the sign as a notice board. Reasonably light to hang, huge size, 2 meters long 66cm deep.

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