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Monday, 22 April 2013

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Make this Jewelry Board

I am in love this jewelry board that I made the other day. I have given it a few days to see how functional it actually is before reporting on it and it has ticked all my boxes............ and these are

  1. I now have a place for my studs ........so no more searching in a bowl, on the bedside table or under the bed............they are clearly displayed for me
  2. My head bands which have always been an issue, hanging out in a box on top of a cupboard are now hung perfectly in line
  3. I can see all my bracelets propped neatly in a row
  4. And my necklaces are no longer one large ball of entwined metal
The frame is an old spoon display board. I also used a piece of dowel, a couple of eyelets and a can of spray paint.

and here are the steps...........
  1. Place your board onto a drop sheet for protection
  2. Spray it with your chosen colour
  3. Cut out strips of fabric for your studs
  4. Staple them on with an upholstery staple gun (available from the supermarket or hardware store)

 Once that's done..........

5. Grab your eyelets and the piece of dowel and spray them also
6. Screw your eyelets into your board

Then thread your dowel through the eyelets and you should have a really functional jewelry board!!!

I haven't made my board super glam because I have hung it on the inside of my cupboard door but it is a piece that could look really attractive with different finishes applied to it..........have fun!!!!!

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