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Thursday, 18 April 2013

DIY Kids Chef Hat for a Cooking Party

After five years of making 100s of chefs hats for little heads on a weekly basis.........

for my little cooking school that I ran on weekends................

........I have the process down pat. When I ran my Children's Cooking School I would sell my paper chefs hats on line and also provide each child with one as they walked through the door. And they loved them! I would give all the kids texta's and get every child to write their name on their hat before they started to decorate them. Its a great added extra to a cooking party, and a great time filler while they decorate them. I have listed the materials required and also added a video as a visual for you!!! Please excuse my surroundings as I am in the process of relocating my work space from the attic to the outside studio so its all looking pretty shabby, the craft table has gone so I am on the floor :(..........

and the materials required are......
  • cardboard strips cut at 7cm depths
  • double sided tape
  • crepe paper cut in rounds
  • a stapler 
  • scissors

and here is how its done.........

Cut yourself a round template to use as a guide for your paper.

  1. Using your template trace a circle onto your crepe paper and cut out your round. 
  2. Cut your cardboard in strips that will go the circumference of theirs heads and 7cm in depth
  3. Put a strip of double sided tape down the length of the edge of the cardboard
  4. Gather the crepe paper and attach it to the tape the full length of the cardboard
  5. Staple to secure
I hope its explained a little clearer through  the video here............

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