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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

So Many Shades of Grey

 Abigail Ahern is an inspiration to me. Her eclectic style and the way she throws things together with it all coming out looking so hot is exciting. Bold and moody is how I would describe her style and I am hoping to put into action a few of her colour mixes. I get bored with colour very quickly. I'll have a crack at adding colour and within two weeks I need to paint over it. This has been the pattern of my decorating lifetime, not sure why because I love colour. I think I need to travel this road one more time. As always it will be with items that I can transform back to grey, black, white, silver or gold at a moments notice.  I'm thinking inky blues and mauve's........hmm......... All images below are from Abigail's blog..........check it out!!!

And here are four of her design tips that she has quoted from her site........

1.Paint everything out the same colour – walls, ceiling, trim, and floors as well if you dare – it will change your life and make your space look 10 times bigger.

2.Add more lighting than you think – just when you think you are there I want to persuade you to add more. Lighting expands horizons, which is exactly what you are after in a small space.

3.Add shiny things, things with reflective surfaces throw light around the space, not only that like magpies we are drawn to shiny reflective surfaces as they catch, and tantalise our eye.

4.Don’t be afraid to ramp up the scale by putting things that are to big in these bijou spaces – not only does it give your pad an Alice in Wonderland vibe, it adds a magical twist, an element of the unexpected.

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