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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Log Side Tables

A really popular little occasional table at the moment are logs. Either screwed onto a base, left natural or placed onto wheels. Group them, pair them as bedside tables or leave as a single, anything goes. If you decide to put a log on a base consider using a discarded stool base. Simply screw the seat off the legs of the stool and attach your top. I regularly see logs on the side of the road. Where a householder has been busy clearing their yard and is waiting for the wood to be collected. If you find a pile of good looking logs, sort through them and look for the straightest cut. You want your top to be as level as possible. The log occasional table can work with any style because it is organic, just as a plant or a bunch of flowers will never look out of place within any style.
Consider painting the sides, just the top or you could place a number or symbol on it.........

Source: seakettle.com via Sue on Pinterest

Source: 79ideas.org via Sue on Pinterest

Source: hwdw.tumblr.com via Sue on Pinterest

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