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Monday, 11 March 2013

Photo Booth Sign

I am creating a photo booth for a birthday party coming up very soon. Today I started on the signs. I am making one for the photo booth and 2 for the bar. As per usual I found a large piece of weathered plywood by the side of the road. I have made the letters out of this with my jigsaw and am in the process of assembling them. Here is how I made the photo sign.

Once I had cut my letters out I then sanded the them as the wood splinted due to its condition.

I had this metal strip in the workshop and it was perfect. Having the holes to screw straight into the letters was helpful, and quick. You do need to have very short screws otherwise they will screw straight through the letters and out the other end.

I then attatched the other end of the strip to a fence paling that I have collected along my travels.

I added fairy lights to the paling. I will use this sign to hang from the photo booth that I am constructing for the party. Total cost, well, nothing.......

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