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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Sheer Curtains

Sometimes you just have to sacrifice a little natural light in order to minimise a distracting view outside a window. When looking out our bedroom window you see an old paling fence and the neighbours crumbling paintwork. There is also a pathway running down the side of our house and you never no who may be using it. Window views are like an artwork, the window frame is the picture frame and what falls inside it is your picture. So take a really close look at your view and decide if this enhances your space or detracts. If it is the latter then action must be taken. It can be a quick and affordable fix. I recently bought a sheer ready made organza curtain length in blush silver from  Spotlight. It was $10.00 per meter. The tape for the rod is already attached to the fabric. It has a 2.8 meter drop, and is hemmed at the bottom. I also purchased 2 sets of brackets and 2 rods for around $20.00, so I was set to go. When buying ready made curtain fabric, measure your drop  then the width of your window. You will need 2.5 widths of the window times your drop. Cost; around $90 total, hardware included. I also hung a drop over our cut out to the en suite and I am happy with the result. The silver organza works well with the black and white walls and the silver fireplace that we have in our room.

Ready made sheer drops can also be used as room dividers. Easy and light weight enough to pull backwards and forwards, creating two rooms within one space. They add a whimsical, romantic edge because they diffuse the light, acting as a filter. It's worth a look at the range you can get. Patterned, coloured, net, lace. An extensive range for every style.
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Daisy Rogers said...

These are really very gorgeous range of ready made curtains. These curtains are really very hard to find anywhere online. I just love your whole collections of ready made curtains and the very first thing is that every time they match with the theme of the room.
Thanks for sharing and keep sharing like this!!!