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Friday, 22 March 2013

Gold with Silver

If you would like to add a glamorous and sophisticated edge to your home then consider a gold and silver colour combination. Combining your "metals" creates the impression of luxury.  It is classy and stylish and can be done on a super tight budget. This trend of combining your metals is perfect for a thrifty stylist as it allows you to keep your existing hardware and light fixtures in place whether they are gold or silver, helping to minimise the cost of pulling your room together. When gold and silver are used within a home they give the impression of 'wealth', so to fake it...... this is what you need to do;
Remove all coloured objects from sight. Colour will kill this look. Once you have a canvas of white, black and/or grey you are ready to start.  Grab yourself enamel paints of silver and gold, (you could also add brass into the mix). These colours are avalable in both spray cans and tins. Also purchase turpentine for wash up and paint brushes. Only buy enamel paint as the reflective values are so much greater but do expect it to be more expensive than water based paints. Paint what you can in your metallic and once dry, pop your items back into the room. Don't forget that you can paint your light fixtures, doors, door surrounds, cabinetry etc. in metallic as well. Also add glass and mirror, this will enhance your "bah bling" look............

Source: designoform.com via Sue on Pinterest

Source: bhg.com via Sue on Pinterest

Source: decorpad.com via Sue on Pinterest

Source: 79ideas.org via Sue on Pinterest

Source: designoform.com via Sue on Pinterest

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