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Sunday, 24 March 2013

DIY: Easter Bunny Jars

Try this quick and easy packaging idea for your Easter Eggs. I purchased glass jars from a 2 dollar shop today along with these little wind up drummer bunnies. The jar prices varied, $1.50 for the small, $2.50 for the medium size and $3.00 the large. The bunnies were $2.00 each. Before you purchase your jars, make sure that the lids are flat so that you have a level surface for the bunnies to glue to. Using recycled jars would be a great idea as well. With a hot glue gun (generally available from a supermarket), I stuck the bunnies onto the lids and then sprayed them with black high gloss and silver paint. They would also look cute sprayed in pastels shades. I filled the jars with little eggs that I purchased, but homemade biscuits or truffles would also be a nice idea for Easter gifts. All it takes is 30 minutes of your time and some loose change..............

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