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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Pantone's Emerald Green........5 Ideas on How to Use the Chosen Colour of the Year

Pantone's Emerald Green .......... the chosen colour for 2013.

We are seeing it pop up everywhere.

It's being used on curtains, sofas, bedding, earthenware and hundreds of other items. Its a given that there will be a different colour chosen for next years 'colour of the year' so whats hot this year wont be the sizzling colour next year.

So............if you want a punch of emerald green in your home you probably need to be prepared to give your item the heave hoe at the end of the season, unless you try this ................

Why not consider;
  1. spray painting ornaments and vases with enamel paint like in this post that can be re painted later down the track
  2. paint up some furniture, consider a wooden bed head, picture frames, mismatched chairs.......
  3. paint pots for the outside
  4. paint your front door emerald green
  5. grab some patterned wallpaper with emerald toning, and do a feature wall or use it on the back of a dresser or maybe the front of drawers. Masters Home Improvement is having a clearance on wallpaper so have a look here
  6.  Try to AVOID using it on soft furnishings and staple items (couches, carpet, light fixtures, rugs etc.) if you are a serious thrifty stylist................... because you will need to be prepared to turf them out as the trend shifts.............

Source: showhome.nl via cabell on Pinterest

Source: showhome.nl via Deirdre on Pinterest

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