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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Step by Step Guide to Covering Books

I was asked to come up with a book to be used at a 21st birthday party. Where friends and family could leave messages and add photo's to. I love covering books, they are quick and easy to do, in-expensive and attractive. I call them one of my "disposable decor" products, to be used as an 'on trend item' in the latest fabric colour or pattern that you can happily dispose of when trends shift. Small items like these also show that you value attention to detail.

And this is how to do it ;)
  • After purchasing your fabric cut it a few centimeters larger than the book size by laying the book open and cutting around it

  • using adhesive spray, spray the fabric 

  •  lay the book back onto the fabric and then close the book. Smooth the fabric out and make sure there are no air bubbles or creases

  • Cut the corners of the fabric for neater edges when you fold it

  •  Run double sided tape around the inside edges and the inside cover of the book. Then fold the fabric down around the edges, pulling tightly and adding pressure so that the fabric remains secure . Then fold over the first and last pages to cover up the edges of the fabric

  •  cut fabric at both sides of the spine, spray fabric with adhesive spray and then poke the fabric down the spine. Shut the book so that it dries against the spine

And I am hoping you have a book that looks like one of these............

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