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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Sugar Coat It with Newspaper; How to Effectively Wrap a Gift in Newspaper

 So I've seen it used at stylish weddings, as creative invites, to wrap the outer layer of fish and chips. It cleans windows like a treat with a little metho and water and helps light fires. Not to mention its original purpose.........
so newspaper is useful............
How about using it creatively on those gifts. Wrapping paper can be pricey for what it is. It will almost certainly be hitting the bin within minutes once the gift is unwrapped. So the dollars that you've spent sugar coating your gift you will watch being ripped up and thrown away. A 'novel' idea would be to wrap your gift in newspaper and then make a flower for the top. Other papers can be used in the same way although stiff papers will be harder to handle and the flower will not look as effective, so this is what you do...............

1.Cut several strips of newspaper, some about 15cm wide, some a little narrower.
2.Fold one strip in half length ways and make a series of cuts along its fold as shown in the picture. 3.When you’ve cut along the whole length, roll up the looped fringe and secure it with some tape.
4.Fluff out the ‘petals’ of the flower.
5.Use up all the strips of paper in the same way.
6.Gather all the sections together with the smaller ones on the outside.
7.Join them with tape and leave the ends unstuck and use these to attach the flower to the gift.
Double sided tape is really useful when attaching the flower.

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