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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

This may Fix Your Dead Spot

If you have a "dead spot" in a room, an area which has no "oomph", then a quick fix might be to mismatch some drawers. It works on the same principle as the mismatch chairs that we are all seeing, and which you might already have. It shouts out "hello 2013" and the plus is that you can apply it to any style of furniture......

I have sold a few items with mismatch drawers which I have posted below. As well as having painted my large dresser with mismatch drawers which is forever getting hit with the paint brush. It is a great way to tie a colour into your room or just to add interest with differing shades of one colour and once the trend leaves us it is an easy fix to change..............

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Source: ebay.co.uk via Sue on Pinterest

Source: bodieandfou.com via Sue on Pinterest

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this - for years I have been too far the other way, needing to have everything matching.

I think this is a much freer (and fun) way to add interest to a room!

Going to add this on my things to do in spare time list.