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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Re Vamp your Kitchen from White to Black in 12 Hours

I had a busy weekend up-cycling our kitchen cupboards from being mainly white to mainly black. I am totally over the white minimal look so I was busy going the polar opposite, black.......

 A few of the kitchen cupboards have been black for quite some time but I took it one step further and now the majority of the cupboards are black. 

It was a tricky decision on which cupboards to leave white......... Our larger appliances are white, therefore I needed to leave a few of the cupboards white to pull it all together. Doing this created interesting blocks of white in amongst the blocks of black. Your appliances need a lot consideration when you are flipping your cupboards from one colour to another. You need to create a link with a fixture so that they look as if they belong. My link was the splash backs, sink and leaving a few random cupboards white. 

I would always choose to have wooden cupboards (boring but practical), purely for the ability to be able to change the mood of the kitchen within a day with minimal outlay. I agree that there are some amazing materials that I would love to use in a kitchen but if you can't justify ripping off the doors when its time to up-date, I'd be sticking with a material you can paint, strip or stain.

The kitchen before I started with its cupboards mainly white............

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love this!!