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Thursday, 2 May 2013

On the Hunt for the Cheapest Pelts

Well I did go on the hunt for suitable synthetic pelt fabrics like I said I would not so long ago. I wanted to see if I could find a cheaper option to create this super cool look other than buying the amazing $300.00 real deal pelts that are going around. Unfortunately I came up with nothing exceptional. Material prices were consistent around the board. The standard price is about $50-$60 per meter. It would take 3/4 of a meter for a faux pelt, cut in to the shape of an authentic skin.
I liked the black faux skin material the best but there were others that looked way to fake. The best option if your not wanting to pay the big bucks is either Ikea or keep a close eye out at thrift stores. I found all three of these skins at different thrift stores. One in particular is super shaggy and cute. I have had them for a little  while, each one costing me $15.00.
If I find another I will be very tempted to dye it black to see how it comes out, but for now I am happy with my purchases. The wire chairs I found on the side of the road and sprayed them silver.

These wire chairs travel from room to room, not having found a permanent home for them just yet. Both chairs with their skins, total cost $30.00 the pair............

The grey pelt that sits on our ottoman is available from Ikea............

 I found this image on the net ages ago. A great idea that would instantly jazz up a set of french provincial style chairs. I don't know the origin of the photo but thought it would be totally achievable with faux pelts.............

Have a great weekend everyone......Andrew and I are going on holiday this Wednesday for a few weeks. I am a little nervous that I might have a mini melt down without my computer and my paint brush!!!!!

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