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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My New Hero

My new hero in the kitchen is this Ikea suspended lamp that I have just purchased. After actively looking for over six months for vintage barrel shades to hang over the kitchen table.......... my patience has run out, I threw in the towel yesterday, went to Ikea buying Andrew and me this (not so little) number, it's huge. OK,  I needed  height so I popped it on to a very plain black cupboard. Its the shape of a pedestal so that has worked well :) The lamp now reaches just below the ceiling and hangs central to the table. I am guessing that the span of the shade would be at least 650mm,pretty much the width of the table and I love it. If it were on the ground it would work beautifully over a coffee table, jutting out, guessing again, 2.5 metres. I am so happy I have been forced into this option. Now I can remove it easily as trends change. I am able to attach a different shade if I feel the need and it was reasonably priced.........
Buying oversize is what I have always done.........big statement pieces rather than heaps of little items. You just get more in your face impact..........

and more of the paper shade vibe photo source

photo source

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