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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Budget Party Setting

Creating a stunning party setting can be so much fun. There is no need to over spend to get a creative, festive and colourful display. This is what the 2 dollar shops are great for. They have the cheapest ribbon usually with a great range of colours sold on spools. If you have a friend , neighbour, cousin, second cousin, whoever, who has great flowers or foliage, approach them for a favour. Flowers can be hugely expensive so if there is nobody that can help you out with the flowers, don't panic, use the foliage you have available. This will determine your colour scheme. So if all you have are shades of green then this is the ribbon colour selection that you need to purchase plus maybe creams or whites. Don't forget you can use twigs and branches in amongst your centre piece. Open backed chairs are the preferred chair option for this look................

To make a runner use a few meters of fabric in a complementary colour to your setting, allow for overhang on the ends and hem the ends if you can, but if you can't, you can't, so not to worry. The table setting above has used natural hessian. Another cheap and easy idea would be to use a roll of brown craft paper from the supermarket or newsagents and use this for the runner. It would be wise to use double sided tape in random spots to hold the ribbon in place. Place ribbon strips down the full length of the runner and then across the table creating a cross over effect. Place tea lights in shot glasses. Try to find a wooden box or two for your flowers and place any old jars filled with water inside the crate. Make flag toppers for macaroons and heart toppers for cupcakes. You can use cut down skewers or tooth picks for the sticks and scrap paper in coordinating colours for hearts and flags stuck together with double sided tape. A pack of paper doilies from the supermarket and paper napkins. A simple, cheap setting that will look very cheerful. Make sure to keep all ribbons for gift wrapping in the future. If you want ornaments on the table like the pictures above have, then thrift stores or 2 dollar shops, a can of spray paint and spray them the same block colour.

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