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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Our Dirty Little Secret

We have a secret within our garden that no one has known about until now. It has saved us time and money over the last few years and has not once raised suspicion. It lies within a section of our back yard. When we designed our back garden, we made a decision to plant around  our water feature to help soften the path way. Well for some reason, probably lack of watering, nothing would grow there. Even the sea daisy which grows amongst cracks in the ground looked shabby. Eventually we gave up replacing the plants, throwing good money after bad was not the answer.

Around our pond, and I cringe, but it is true, the plants are fake. They are from ikea, around $5.00 a pop. Possibly cheaper than a plant from a nursery, and they are forever green. I wouldn't go crazy on the fakes in an outdoor setting. But this is 100 percent more attractive than struggling foliage.

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